We are looking for parents who are interested in helping their children be successful!

If you are the parent of a preschooler who's looking to have a future school superstar with a happy and successful life ahead of them - this is for you.
If you are looking for a silver bullet or for everything to be magically wonderful on its own, this is not for you
Most likely, you have already done some work to prepare your child for school on your own. Did you get the results you were hoping for?

Maybe your child still struggles with spelling and has difficulty reading.

Maybe your child is challenged by math and continues to find tasks easily mastered by other children of the same age extremely difficult.

The chances are good that you've been told your child is behind their peers in some area or another as you prepare for preschool.
How did this happen?
Why do standard approaches and individual tuition in new technologies fail to produce results, even when you're sure you did everything right?
In our work with children preparing them for school and life, we have found similar challenges.
One problem many parents encounter is
— Disobedience and rebellion against restrictions and unexpected demands.

— Most often, this is not due to inattention and lack of discipline on the part of the parents but to the child's delayed language and emotional development.

— It is essential to work on these developmental issues in order for the child to process information and move forward through productive learning.
What do you do if your child does not know how to write or count?
One thing's for sure. This problem cannot be overcome by simply forcing the child to keep rewriting a piece of text or repeat basic counting exercises.
For the child, the problem often lies in spatial awareness challenges and difficulties absorbing and retaining sound and visual information.
So it is essential to work on these basic skills.

If you're still with us, chances are you are serious about helping your child live a happy, rich, and successful life!
Right? ;)
My name is Sofia, and for the last 10 years I have been developing children into prodigies even before they start school.
And with the help of online classes, I can help your child:
— Listen to rules and follow them
— Count, read, and write
— Navigate correctly without confusing left and right
— Distinguish between shapes and colors of objects
— Communicate appropriately with their peers, working together, sharing and respecting each other
— Distinguish different animals, their characteristics, and the sounds they make
— Draw, color, cut, and glue different objects

I can't recommend my specialized method of working with children too highly.
What are some success stories?

(screenshots of reviews with explanation and history & the success stories)

How can I get started?
Leave us a request and Mary or Sofia, managers in our Customer Care Department, will contact you directly.

After a short conversation and determining your goals for your child, you can purchase a trial session, during which I will personally meet with you and your child and establish the foundations for moving forward towards their successful future :)
How much does it cost?
The first lesson costs just $9. Thereafter, regular sessions run from $22 to $30 each. The more classes you take per week, the lower the individual class costs!

What is it worth to you to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on future tutoring expenses for your children at school?

How much would you give for the opportunity to lay the foundation for your child to become successful from an early age, and that will set them on the road to a fulfilling and comfortable life in the future?

Not to mention the envious looks from other parents as they watch your child's supercharged development?

$10,000? $100,000?
Actually, it costs just $30 a week!
Sound too good to be true?
Well to be honest, the system does have a few drawbacks, so I want to tell you about them upfront.
It's not a silver bullet.

Yes, my colleagues and I will be able to help your child develop all the necessary skills, but this does not mean you and your child will not need to do any work.

The difference is that, with our help, it will be a thousand times easier to achieve significant and lasting results.
I am so confident in my approach and this system that I am ready to give you a guarantee.
If you don't see any improvements in your child in the first month, I will return all your investment to you - no questions asked.
Submit your request HERE
so we can contact you
I understand that you have a lot to do, you want to think about it and weigh all the pros and cons. But, to be honest, I advise you not to delay. Right now, this offer is being considered by many other parents. If they write to me first , then we'll start working with them first.

Which means you'll be waitlisted or even turned away!

For me, it is essential to keep a cap on the number of students and parens we work with in order to maintain the quality of training.

Submit your request right now. A conversation does not oblige you to do anything ;)

Oh, I almost forgot!

I have a small gift for you which will perfectly complement our training ...

But there is one proviso. This gift will only be made available to parents signing up for the first lesson within 24 hours.
Submit your request HERE so that we can contact you and discuss everything in a relaxed fashion over a cup of tea or coffee.
Sign up for the consultation and we'll tell you all about our membership and the benefits.
We also help to choose the right option for your child.