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1-on-1 online speech therapy for children 3,5 - 15 years old

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We donate 7% of net profit to help children in need get an education all over the world
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We provide high quality intervention without breaking the bank.
Online speech therapy is just as effective as offline sessions.
This is proven by 1500+ of our students.
The child perceives it as a game.
You don't need to force them at all.
Sessions are only 30 minutes, easy to schedule and all you need to start is your phone or tablet.
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What makes Bubulearn so special?

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Does your child…

Confuse, miss or pronounce sounds incorrectly?
Have communication and socialization difficulties?
Not demonstrate interest in reading or need to improve and develop literacy skills?
Have a poor vocabulary and have trouble remembering nursery rhymes or short texts?
Not build phrases or sentences?

We'll help your child to

Get the correct pronunciation of words and sounds
Speak clearly and feel comfortable
Gain confidence in expressing themselves
Increase their memory, vocabulary and literacy skills

Children LOVE Bubulearn

Melissa Kaweski
" We were so impressed with Bubu Learn!
My daughter is 5 years old and an at-home learner due to COVID-19. This format was a wonderful, comfortable opportunity to asses her speech and development while also being really fun for her!
Our therapist Sofiya was warm and playful, so much so that Wren didn't even seem to notice she was being evaluated! She used toys, stuffed animals and flashcards, which Wren really loved. The half-hour session was just long enough to keep her attention while also giving the therapist all the information she needed. "
" We found Lisa, a wonderful, professional speech therapist. She easily and quickly found an approach for our daughter.
Nicole looks forward to each lesson, carefully reciting all the exercises both during online classes and in her free time. And the results were not long in coming.
After 6 classes, not only me, but also those around me began to notice our successes.
Finally, our daughter is making the sound Z and sometimes S, which were previously impossible for her to pronounce.
An unexpectedly pleasant side effect was our child asking us to give her copybooks and her desire to learn letters and learn to read. "
" Hello! Our speech therapist Sofiya is just a wonderful teacher!
literally from the first lessons I found a common language with the child and picked up a "key" for him!
The child (3.5 years old) is active and not assiduous and doesn't always want to study, especially online, but Sofiya magically turns everything into a game and he himself didn't notice how he completed all the exercises and it was time to say goodbye)
She always has good work with parents - she will guide, advise, give visual materials. She sets homework, I always have speech therapy games from her, so during my free time I can be helpful to my son as well We, as parents, noticed that the baby speaks much more, and all our friends noticed that the child speaks more clearly, and now he is not afraid of new words and new acquaintances, he has become more confident in himself!)
Many THANKS to Sofiya! "
" Hello! Personaly speaking, I'm very pleased with the speech therapist. Lisa found an approach, knows how to laugh and respects the interests of my child. Lessons are always varied.
My son doesn't like gymnastics with me, but he won't get away from Lisa. The son is having fun and enjoys every time new heroes in the app come to him. I see a significant improvement in the sounds S and Z. We are working on F and R. It is difficult for me to motivate the child to classes, he doesn't really see the benefits of classes, he is lazy.
But having a good with Lisa - and I see progress. And this is the main thing. ☝ Until we growl and hiss, we will work! We follow you on instagram, take a note. "
" Good afternoon! We got the super best speech therapist !!!
The relationship with the child has already been built on the 2nd lesson, we have very good results. We began to build sentences, we say words correctly, and most important, Sofiya taught us to pronounce the letters. But there is still a long work to be done until we bring everything to perfection.
Adam is really waiting for Sofiya to call him and start a lesson with him. He prepares very much for the lesson and enjoys doing his homework. "
" I am incredibly happy reached out to Bubulearn!
We work with a wonderful speech therapist, professional - Lisa, who easily and quickly found an approach to our girl. Nicole is looking forward to each lesson, carefully repeats all exercises both during a session and during her free time. And the result didn't not long ito come.
After six sessions, not only me, but those around me began to notice our successes. Finally, we have the sound Th, R, which previously could not be reproduced. An unexpectedly pleasant effect was the child's request to give her copybooks and the desire to learn English letters and learn to read.
Our English language competes with Hebrew, so this request is especially valuable to me. I am very grateful to you for your help! And of course, we do not stop there, we continue, because there is still much work to do "
" I am very pleased with our speech therapist Lisa and the result that I see today!
All lessons are held in very light and playful way. Despite the fact that the lesson lasts 30 minutes, during this time Lisa manages to cover a very wide scope of work.
The lesson turns out to be very rich and varied, and tmy son is interested for all 30 minutes. The relationship between my child and Lisa are full with trust. Every lesson my child expresses a desire to share something with her. For example, how he spent the weekend or what kind of craft he did with his grandmother. "
" Before I started the sessions with you, we had 2 sad experiences of working with speech therapists. Our speech therapist Sofiya besides her knowledge has a huge advantage in working with children, she holds them emotionally throughout the lesson. For me it is very important that she can playfully move to the right direction so that the child, even unconciously, does what is required for classes.
Sofiya is a super pro, she is emotionally investing into lessons and it is worth a lot. I am absolutely satisfied with the work, there can be no better optopn for us"
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Our Membership

1 session per week, billed weekly
Membership includes:
1-on-1 speech therapy sessions
Much more effective than group classes
Allow you to make faster progress in speech development
Builds an individual development plan
And also you get!
Continuous home support
Extracurricular activity plan
Monthly progress reports
Extra materials
Flexible scheduling
Customized to your child's needs
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Our speech therapists

Qualified SLP therapists will help your child to reach every speech goal

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Frequently asked questions

Why do the sessions last for 30 minutes?
20-50 minutes are considered to be within the normal attention span for children regardless of
their age. During this time a child can concentrate without getting tired.
What if my kid won't sit still in front of the monitor?
We will give you some advice and shape our program in a way that your kid gets involved in the
session and doesn't get distracted with other things.
How can a child learn online without personal contact?
Not all speech challenges need personal contact and logopedic massage. Most speech
disturbances are connected with undeveloped listening attention and memory. Games that we use during our sessions are devoted to correcting this problem and do not demand personal contact.
Can I take several sessions?
Yes, your discount depends on the quantity of lessons you take. After the diagnostics the speech
therapist will create recommendations for a program of sessions and you'll be able to pay for all of the sessions at once.
Do I have to attend the sessions?
You will have to help your child to adapt to the online sessions and motivate your child. Then
you'll be able to watch the process from the sidelines and ask questions to the therapist as needed.
How long does it take to improve a child's speech?
The amount of time needed to work with a child depends upon the speech problem and on the
complexity of the case. Correction may take from one up to 3-6 months.
Does my child have to be able to speak English?
Yes, as he will deal with an English-speaking speech therapist and will need to be able to
understand her. If you need a Russian-speaking speech therapist leave a request on our website with Russian-speaking specialists::
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Duration and results of speech exercises are individual.
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