Improve speech and build your child's confidence

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1-on-1 online speech therapy for children 3,5 - 15 years old

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We donate 7% of net profit to help children in need get an education all over the world
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We provide high quality intervention without breaking the bank.
Online speech therapy is just as effective as offline sessions.
This is proven by 1500+ of our students.
The child perceives it as a game.
You don't need to force them at all.
Sessions are only 30 minutes, easy to schedule and all you need to start is your phone or tablet.
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What makes Bubulearn so special?

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Does your child…

Confuse, miss or pronounce sounds incorrectly?
Have communication and socialization difficulties?
Not demonstrate interest in reading or need to improve and develop literacy skills?
Have a poor vocabulary and have trouble remembering nursery rhymes or short texts?
Not build phrases or sentences?

We'll help your child to

Get the correct pronunciation of words and sounds
Speak clearly and feel comfortable
Gain confidence in expressing themselves
Increase their memory, vocabulary and literacy skills

Children LOVE Bubulearn

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Our Membership

1 session per week, billed weekly
Membership includes:
1-on-1 speech therapy sessions
Much more effective than group classes
Allow you to make faster progress in speech development
Builds an individual development plan
And also you get!
Continuous home support
Extracurricular activity plan
Monthly progress reports
Extra materials
Flexible scheduling
Customized to your child's needs
First week

Our speech therapists

Qualified SLP therapists will help your child to reach every speech goal

See if online sessions are right for you

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Frequently asked questions

Why do the sessions last for 30 minutes?
20-50 minutes are considered to be within the normal attention span for children regardless of
their age. During this time a child can concentrate without getting tired.
What if my kid won't sit still in front of the monitor?
We will give you some advice and shape our program in a way that your kid gets involved in the
session and doesn't get distracted with other things.
How can a child learn online without personal contact?
Not all speech challenges need personal contact and logopedic massage. Most speech
disturbances are connected with undeveloped listening attention and memory. Games that we use during our sessions are devoted to correcting this problem and do not demand personal contact.
Can I take several sessions?
Yes, your discount depends on the quantity of lessons you take. After the diagnostics the speech
therapist will create recommendations for a program of sessions and you'll be able to pay for all of the sessions at once.
Do I have to attend the sessions?
You will have to help your child to adapt to the online sessions and motivate your child. Then
you'll be able to watch the process from the sidelines and ask questions to the therapist as needed.
How long does it take to improve a child's speech?
The amount of time needed to work with a child depends upon the speech problem and on the
complexity of the case. Correction may take from one up to 3-6 months.
Does my child have to be able to speak English?
Yes, as he will deal with an English-speaking speech therapist and will need to be able to
understand her. If you need a Russian-speaking speech therapist leave a request on our website with Russian-speaking specialists::
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